FindMe Serie

The latest creation by iHUMAN, the FindMe series offers an unprecedented solution for the absentminded.

Occasional and full-time wearers alike frequently forget where they put their glasses. At the bottom of a bag, down the side of the settee, or put away in a drawer... impossible to remember where you left them.

And the same is no doubt often true for your mobile phone...

Finding your glasses without even looking

In this era of connected objects, iHUMAN decided to provide a technological answer to this need, clearly identified during its consumer meetings.


The FindMe series integrates a system that allows for finding your glasses, no matter where they are in the house, thanks to a simple smartphone application, which also works the other way round to allow you to locate your mobile.

Without compromising on aesthetics or functionality, the FindMe series boasts a sleek and stylish hightech frame, available in two separate models that are infinitely customizable thanks to their interchangeable coloured parts.

  • Range: men’s and women’s optical frames and sunglasses
  • Number of models: 2 customizable


iHUMAN created the FindMe series by incorporating a miniaturized communication system directly in the frame:

  • Low-energy embedded Bluetooth technology
  • 1 micro antenna
  • 2 batteries (battery life of 6 months)
  • 1 buzzer

When the FindMe app is installed on your smartphone and activated, the integrated radar indicates the direction to follow to find your misplaced glasses, and a button activates the buzzer present in the frame to help locate them.

With the Reverse function, the frame also has a button that triggers a ringtone on your smartphone. Thanks to this system, you can use your phone to locate your glasses and vice versa.