OffLimit Serie

The First Off Limit Metal

The very first rubber-metal glasses on the market, the OffLimit series was created by iHUMAN to provide extreme flexibility and strength.

You set your glasses down for a few seconds in the wrong place and an accident happens: the frame is distorted, bent or broken. All glasses wearers have at some time experienced this situation.


Besides unexpected incidents, glasses suffer daily attacks, notably through being clumsily handled or put away carelessly. The temples in particular often constitute a weak point, since mechanical parts subject to many constraints eventually weaken and break.

Extremely flexible and ultra resistant

The OffLimit series comes in three versions, each available in several shapes and 3 to 5 different colours:

  • BUSINESS: front in UHP®-punched metal and temples in Cordan®.
  • IRON: structure entirely in Cordan® with offset temples.
  • SPORTS DESIGN: temples in Cordan® and front in Aélon®, a new plastic with a silky feel, strong and at the same time extremely light.

Range: men’s optical frames and sunglasses
Number of models: 15


At the heart of the outstanding qualities of the OffLimit series, Cordan® technology, developed and patented by iHUMAN.

The combination of a FlexiSolid® body and stainless steel core makes for a highly flexible yet resistant frame that can withstand the toughest impacts and take all sorts of bending and twisting. Moreover, as this material does not have any mechanical parts, it
allows the design of particularly slim temples and hinges, eliminating the problems caused by wear and repetitive movements.

Although the word ‘strong’ is usually associated with notions of ‘sturdy’ and ‘heavy’, the OffLimit series offers unsurpassed lightness.

A study into the position of the frame’s centre of gravity allowed iHUMAN to better distribute the weight. On the IRON version, the temples are placed on a more central axis than usual. The glasses offer such a feeling of unexpected comfort and lightness that you will hardly notice you are wearing them.


Months of research and development and the integration of innovative technologies allowed iHUMAN to produce the unique characteristics of the OffLimit series.

  • Cordan®: a sliding metal bi-structure consisting of a stainless steel core and a FlexiSolid® body developed by iHUMAN.
  • Micrometric friction-control hinges: its 7/10 hinge associated with friction-control technology gives it great strength and constant stability of movement despite being so slim.
  • UHP® (ultra high pressure) punched top bar: thanks to UHP punching technology, the molecular structure of the materials is reorganized for a design that is both slim and strong.
  • Aélon®: new plastic developed from nylon with exceptional properties.
  • Weight distribution technology, the weight transferred across the frame for remarkable comfort.