Pocket serie

The very first iHUMAN range, PocketSerie, was designed in a logic of downsizing, reducing size and bulk for greater convenience.

Some 50% of spectacle wearers do not need to wear their glasses all day. If we add those who regularly swap between optical frames and sunglasses, the proportion of occasional wearers reaches 75%.

For 34% of buyers, notably those who travel regularly as part of their work, minimum bulk constitutes the number 1 selection criterion. But a question remains: what do you do with your glasses when not wearing them?

It was with the aim of addressing this issue that iHUMAN created PocketSerie: the solution for minimum bulk.

PocketSerie is a high-end, functional, compact and lightweight optical frame. With a case roughly the size of a smartphone, only slightly thicker, it fits easily into your pocket.

  • Technology: Flexisolid®
  • Range: men’s and women’s optical frames
  • Number of models: 36
A case the size of a smartphone



To meet the many challenges imposed by a smaller size, iHUMAN developed seven patents that led to the design of PocketSerie:

  • Retractable frame: for minimum bulk.
  • FlexiSolid® temple technology: an alloy of copper, aluminium, beryllium, manganese and tungsten.
  • Serrated pin hinges: for smoother movements and self-adjustment.
  • Micrometric embedded hinges: for an extremely slim, ultra-resistant design.
  • Offset temple tips: for greater comfort.
  • Weight distribution technology, the weight transferred across the frame: to ensure lightness.
  • Multibase bridge: for support.